The Founders
Tourdrop was created by three close friends; two software engineers and a photographer.  The initial concept was to develop a simple solution for realtors to easily create virtual tours, and to also edit realtors to photos to make them look like professional photos.  Vic DeVore, owner of DeVore Design, has been photographing homes since 2014.  After photographing thousands of homes throughout Central Florida he developed strict media standards to ensure quality control and consistency.  Software engineers Bryan Barone and Chris Glasgow programmed the platform to be simple and effective, yet powerful.  Nearly a year was spent planning, designing and testing Tourdrop.  Tourdrop was tested by photographers, realtors and even users outside the real estate industry.  The result is a system that allows realtors to save money by not having to hire a real estate photographer, but still provides great looking photographs that have been edited by professionals.  Not every property requires a professional photographer, but every property should look like a professional photographer took the photos.  Tourdrop achieves this goal.  Development never stops, as new features and improvements are continually being updated.