See How Tourdrop Saves You Money!
[bt_cost_calculator total_text=”Tourdrop Savings” currency_after=”yes” currency=”$” accent_color=”#478fcb”][bt_cc_group eval=”var cost = $1;
var listings = $2;

var cost1 = cost * listings;
var cost2 = 45 * listings;
var result = cost1 – cost2;

return result;”]

How much do you currently pay for each photo shoot?
[bt_cc_slider name=”Photo Shoot Cost Per Listing” value_min=”50″ value_max=”500″ value_step=”5″ value_unit=”1″ initial_value=”125″]
How many properties do you list per year?
[bt_cc_slider name=”Annual Listings” value_min=”1″ value_max=”250″ value_step=”1″ value_unit=”1″ initial_value=”15″][/bt_cc_group]

Tourdrop Cost:
$35 Photo Finishing + $10 Tour = $45


Every Tourdrop photo is processed through a checklist of over two dozen enhancement techniques to ensure the best possible results.