Photo Tips

Advice For The Best Shots Possible

Capture The Entire Room

Make sure you step back and capture the entire room, not just a part of the room. This sometimes requires sharp angles and stepping all the way into the corner of a room. It is better to have a wide angle photo as opposed to a photo of half the room.

Landscape vs. Portrait

Do your best to keep your camera in landscape mode. There are few occasions where it would be necessary to capture a photo in portrait mode. Sometimes MLS will resize portrait photos and put black bars on the side, resulting in a very small unappealing image.

Composition & Framing

The way you frame your photos is critical to the finished look. Always consider everything in the frame, foreground and background, and everything from left to right. Each photo should be deliberate and well thought out. Each room should be captured in its entirety, without cutting off part of the room. Try to balance your composition so it is visually appealing, while also properly presenting the space you are photographing.

Avoid Bright Windows

When photographing interiors it is important to avoid bright windows, or make sure you are exposing for the interior. You may want to adjust blinds or curtains to minimize direct sunlight onto the camera. You can also try to adjust your angle to minimize bright light.