Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging, Digital Declutter & Virtual Re-Staging

Tourdrop offers three variations of virtual staging.  Standard virtual staging provides digital furnishings to make vacant homes more attractive.  Digital declutter transforms messy interiors into tastefully furnished rooms.  Re-staging removes the existing furnishings and replaces them with more attractive furniture and details.  All three services are only $30 per photo.

Staging Increases Selling Price!

Virtual staging helps buyers visualize their future homes, and helps sellers maximize the selling price of their home.  Tourdrop’s virtual staging transforms any room of into a gorgeous staged interior.

85% Of Staged Homes Sell For Up To 25% More Vs. Unstaged Listing
77% Of Buyers Say Staging Helps Visualize Property As Future Home
67% Of Agents Say Staging Reduces Overall Time On Market

Virtual Staging

Vacant to Vivacious

Before & After
Actual Example

What To Stage?

Trying to decide what areas to virtually stage?  Here is a list of the most common rooms virtually staged according to nationwide research.  Staging the most popular rooms will result in the most exposure for your listings.

  • Living Room / Family Room

  • Kitchen

  • Master Bedroom

  • Dining Room

  • Master Bathroom

  • Patio / Lanai

  • Children’s Bedroom

  • Guest Bedroom

Digital Declutter

No time to clean?  Let Tourdrop digitally declutter the interior to eliminate unsightly clutter and replace it with beautiful modern furnishings that are sure to attract more views for your listing.

Family Room

The family room is the primary living area for most homes and will be decorated with comfortable furnishings and inviting décor.  The family room is typically adjacent to the kitchen and should be visible if possible.

Formal Dining Room

Friends and family will gather in the formal dining room for special occasions, and Tourdrop’s virtual staging will include an attractive dining table and chairs with attractive centerpiece.